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The Misinformation Game is a social media simulator built to study people’s behaviour when they interact with social media. To achieve this, The Misinformation Game simulates a social media feed for research participants. Participants will be shown one fake social media post at a time, and they may then react to the post and its comments. The Misinformation Game has been designed to be highly customisable so that tightly controlled experiences can be created for participants. This customisability is a core focus of The Misinformation Game, to facilitate the research of a wide array of social media related questions.

Preprint Paper: PsyArXiv

Source Code: MisinformationGame Repository on GitHub

Example Game #

If you would like to test playing through a study created using The Misinformation Game, you can access an example game from the example game page. You can enter any ID to access the example game.

figure 1
Figure 1. Screenshot of the user interface within a game.

Example Results #

If you would like to view an example of the results that can be gathered when using The Misinformation Game, the results of a user experience study are available from the example results page. Additional information about the results that are made available for your analysis are described in the Results Documentation.

Getting Started #

The Misinformation Game contains many configuration options to tailor the game for specific research purposes. To find out whether The Misinformation Game is the right fit for your research, we recommend that you first read through the How to Play page and try the Example Game. We then advise that you read the available options for configuring your own study on the Study Configuration page. Additionally, the results that are made available for your analysis are described on the Results page.

To conduct a study using The Misinformation Game, you will need to host your own website for the game using Google Firebase. The steps to host your own instance of the game are described in both a Non-Technical Installation Guide and a Technical Installation Guide. If you are proficient with the command-line and installing technical tools, then the technical installation guide will be quicker, and requires fewer steps. However, if you are not familiar with these technologies, then the non-technical installation guide should be easier to follow. Additionally, while Firebase has a generous free tier, if you wish to run large studies or studies with many images, then you should consult the Firebase Pricing Documentation to estimate your hosting costs. In our experience, the hosting costs for the Misinformation Game have been minimal.

Usage Documentation #

Hosting Documentation #

System Documentation #

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